•   Costas Const/los   05 May 08:43

    By Chatula Kangali

    Small scale millers on the Copperbelt have increased prices of maize bran by over 100 per cent due to the increased cost of production.

    Maize bran is a by- product of maize mainly used as an alternative animal feed by most livestock farmers in the country.

    According to the Zambia National Farmers Union (ZNFU) statement on their website, the price of maize bran has been increased from K15 to K40 for a 50 Kilogramme bag.

    Livestock farmers have however bemoaned the increased price of maize bran which would increase the cost of production further.

    "The ever-escalating cost of livestock feed has become a source of concern mainly among poultry and dairy farmers on the Copperbelt with many considering to halt production.

    The cost of production has become very high due to increased feed prices which now range between K230 to K300 per 50Kg bag," read the statement.

    The farmers have urged Government to engage millers to consider adjusting the prices downwards, since the main ingredient which is maize, in feed formulation, was locally sourced.